2834 Beetles

Do you have a 4th grader who is fascinated with bugs?  At What’s That Bug, you will find 2,834 species of beetles plus hundreds of posts about bugs of all kinds.  What makes this blog different is that people send in pictures of bugs and ask the “bugman” about the bug.  The Bugman then answers the questions with lots of information.  Get your ‘Bug On’!

Will My Skin Wear Out?



All that constant rubbing and washing; will your skin ever wear out?  If you’re teaching life science, your 4th grader might come up with this question.  Discover the answer to this question plus a lot more about your skin in the article: Will My Skin Wear Out?  Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?

Is It Physics or is it an Optical Illusion?

Add a little fun to your 4th Grade Physical Science Curriculum with optical illusions.  Check out the video here.  Then discuss optical illusions and have your kids come up with their own.  Optical illusions seem like fun entertainment, but in reality it can increase focus.

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