Amazing Science Discovery


Make science Amazing for your grade-schooler.  Science is such an important subject to learn.  It helps make sense out of everyday lives.  When children are young, they are curious about lots of things and science explains it.  The concepts are easy for your to understand and explain to your child.

But as they grow, science becomes more difficult to learn and difficult to teach.  The concepts grow more confusing.  You might feel like you need to go out and buy expensive equipment if you are going to do any experiments.

It doesn’t need to be difficult.  With Amazing Science Discovery, you will learn right along with your child.  You get five ebooks covering grades one to five.  Each book explains in plain English specific topics and includes easy experiments to help reinforce the topic.  The lessons are planned in a sequential manner so that your will both be learning what you need to know for the next lesson.  You will even learn how to throw a science party!

It’s never too late to develop a love for science in your child.  Act now!


Recharge Your Batteries With a Good Lunch


Ever what happens to the food you eat after you eat lunch?  Why do you feel better and have more energy?  You could explain the digestive system to your 4th grader, but think how cool it would be to offer an interactive demonstration.  At Biology in Motion, you get this demonstration as well as others like how the cardiovascular system works, cell division or how the thyroid works.