About Us

Science affects us in multiple ways each day.  You may not be aware of how important science is in our daily lives, yet we make scientific choices every day.  Science tells us what to eat, how we treat our bodies, how we interact with our environment, how we choose what products to buy.  Understanding science from an early age is important.

Hands-on science develops the ability to ask questions, collect information, test our ideas through experimentation, and then apply what we have learned.  But don’t neglect book learning as well.  It helps bring about organization skills.  Both are necessary for total knowledge.

Science is not just about learning about the earth’s crust, molecules or cells.  Science crosses into every learning genre.  When studying history, you will learn about scientific inventions.  In baseball, you will learn about the science behind hitting or throwing the ball.  Reading and writing are necessary skills while learning science.  Collecting data takes math skills.  This site will bring you information and ideas for adding science into your child’s curriculum.


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